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Marlene Stone

AKA the Acrobat 

Marlene is in the group since 2017. 
Besides being a dancer she consistently contributes to the group by sending suggestions for fun classes, workshops and dance performances.

Did You Know?
Marlene is probably the only psychologist that rather lives her life upside down. A few years back she set herself the goal to become better at handstands and now she can’t get enough! Whenever she gets the chance, Marlene will stand on her hands. Each time she stays there longer. We expect that in a few years she won’t use her feet anymore! Apart from teaching herself skills, we are pretty sure Marlene is the one in the group that has tried almost every dance style there is (yes, including Urban Feminine dance). 

Fun Fact(s):
Marlene has the most interesting mind of all of us; for example she’s the one that came up with our awesome name. Marlene thinks in a way that creates a whole new fantasy world around her and you’re very lucky if you get a peek into her movement world. 

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