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Who We Are

Modern Bruises is a group of 12 non-/semi-professional dancers. A bunch of people that have different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and professions; yet we share a boundless vigour and passion for dance.  We wish to inspire, connect, tell stories and translate dreams into shapes. We believe that this way we will be able to share with people a notion we stand behind fervidly; that dance is for everybody! That being a dancer is not determined solely by the skill of an individual, it’s something rooted deeper, in our hearts and souls. This is our connecting point. Through dance, we enter a world of our own. A world in which we explore new ways of moving and being moved internally and externally.

No upcoming events at the moment
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Connect with us

Curious about what we do or interested to work with us? Want to connect and discuss about a potential collaboration? Have a crazy idea and are looking for a group of dancers to try it out?
We'd love to hear from you!

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