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An Overview of our Past Projects

Demand default 

By Sara Europaeus


Inspired by the effects the constant need for hustle and productivity has on us, Demand Default questions the cost of control. Moving from conformity to chaos, we explore the inner process and aftermath of overload. To uphold the unattainable speed and demand in which we live, we harden ourselves and take on qualities that allow us to navigate these conditions- that shell is necessary and helpful but isn’t sustainable. Once it has broken, we feel vulnerable and unarmed. The process of recovery is private and something that should be hidden. Reassembling the shell seems foreign after it cracked under pressure, something softer is found. Built on our own terms, gently, self-assembly.

Hide /n Seek

By Art Srisayam

Modern Bruises together with Art Srisayam are undergoing a research in the form of a montage performance. The research is about the hiding and appearing of the human being. In what can we hide? In objects, clothes, in our daily movements, in our head or in each other? And when we drift off into our fantasy world, or hide, how do we find ourselfs again? How do we come back to reality? Do we dare te re-appear? Or do we choose to not stand out in the crowd?


By Robin Nimanong

Data-morphia questions whether we allow transformation. What has digitization done to human interaction? What is still true about our sense of self? Can we live up to the beauty standards of our hyper-sexualised society, now that we can digitally edit ourselves? In Data-morphia, Robin Nimanong, together with the dancers of Modern Bruises, researches how these images of our virtual "perfect" self affect the relationship with our bodies and with each other. In an energetic, cosplay-like style, Data-morphia challenges our idea of feminine agency in a society with rapidly shifting digital social norms.

Urban Roots 

Choreography: Sara Europaeus 
Music: Tom van Wee
Supported by AFK

Niin metsä vastaa kuin sinne huudetaan // So the forest answers as it’s been called at


Urban Roots explores the relationship between humans and nature, the loss of connection, belongingness, and the hopes of regaining it. What if nature would call us back from within and take over?


Choreography: Klevis Elmazaj
Music: Greg Edmonson & other artists


A short journey of wonder in a time and place where human beings suddenly have no choice but to rely on their primitive instinct to survive, as they find themselves thrown back into wild nature and must rediscover their sense of community.

Someone who hates daisies

Created by Modern Bruises
Movement direction: Christina 
Spoken word & text: Lin An Phoa

A site-specific dance performance about otherness and loneliness. A subjective emotion, that can be felt even when surrounded by others. The quality or fact of being different despite our eagerness to connect. 

Could two people feel lonely together? How about six? 

Alice Who?

Choreography: Heather Ware


A whimsical look at how where we come from defines how we perceive our current reality. And what happens when we turn this upside down.


Choreography: Art Srisayam 
Music: Lucas Mens


Jenga is a physical performance, a choreography of energy, made by Art Srisayam. He got fascinated by the word ‘hope’ when suffering from a long term injury. Combining his Buddhistic perspective and research, this emotion became for him a metaphor for continuity and trying. 

We try to describe this emotion by the ways of walking, running, jumping and most importantly "falling", like in Jenga. But how do we manage to get up after several falls? What happens to us if we choose not to continue? Can we keep the hope? Is the best beauty born out of hardihood?