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Our Story

We are a group of people that have different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and professions; yet we share a boundless vigour and passion for dance. The group was formed five years ago and since then we have been training together on a weekly basis. We invite teachers and choreographers to come and share their work, to experiment and to explore their artistic process and movement vocabulary with us.

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What We Do


We perform to expose ourselves and our work to a bigger audience, to reach out to more individuals. We believe that this way we will be able to share with people a notion we stand behind fervidly; that dance is for everybody! That being a dancer is not determined solely by the skill of an individual, it’s something rooted deeper, in our hearts and souls. People that have attended our previous presentations/performances often tell us that what they see on stage is normal, everyday people. This allows them to feel a stronger connection and to identify with us, the performers. To our knowledge, we are the only group currently in the city of Amsterdam that embraces and promotes this principle. Despite being an amateur group we strive for a professional attitude, with one of our main aims being to link the two worlds (amateur & professional) and to get the best out of each. 

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Classes & workshops

We work and collaborate with different choreographers and teachers. We usually invite them for a block and create a dialogue about what it is that we want to dive into together (is it a performance or maybe more of a movement research type of class?). We aim to create a platform for teachers and dance-makers to explore undiscovered ways of teaching/creating and experiment with their craziest ideas and dreams. We want to create an ongoing creative exchange with the teacher and not have the typical teacher/student dynamic that is present in most dance school environments. Our main areas of interest are modern/contemporary/floorwork techniques and improvisation.

Teachers we have worked with: 


Nathalie van den Hombergh
Lotte Dekkers
Leila Bakhtali
Susan Hoogbergen
Samuel Minguillon

Art Srisayam
Heather Ware
Klevis Elmazaj
Xanthe van Opstal
Konstantina Efthimiadou
lleyne Dance

Vaya movement
Rossana Caldarera
Robin Nimanong 
Keren Rosenberg 

Ivan Cidrian (Arno Schuitemaker)

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