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Christina Mastori

AKA Group Mama or Happy Egg

Christina has been in the group since 2017. Besides being a dancer in the group, she is in our social media team. She is also our injury emergency contact and she often steps in as our movement director. 

Did You Know?

Christina is a human movement researcher and sports/exercise rehabilitation therapist so she is the one we all turn to for all our body related injuries. Besides this Christina is a crazy dance maker and improv enthusiast with a special affinity for location specific performances. She also teaches mobility and conditioning in various gyms around the city, so she always makes sure we have properly warmed up before a rehearsal.

Fun Fact(s):
Christina’s voice often reveals her Greek side, you’ll hear her from the other side of the room (or country). Christina is the one person that finds the word weirdo the biggest compliment and she’s the biggest caregiver of the group. This Greek makes everyone feel welcome and her energy makes every bruise feel reborn.

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