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Desiree Baaleman 

AKA Dr. Dez, the kiddo-doctor

Desiree has been in the group since 2018, with a small break in between while she was working on her PhD in the US. In the group she often steps in to help wherever is needed and she is great at structuring our meetings and keeping everyone on track!

Did You Know?

Desiree is a published researcher in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition for children and she is a dynamo force at her work, helping little kiddos with their tummy issues and also warming their hearts! She is excellent at renovating a flat and then moving into a new one. Did we mention she makes a mean eggnog and her cheesecake always appears in all the right moments? She also happens to rock the ballroom floor with her Salsa moves!

Fun Fact(s):

Dez has her own signature dance move “The Mermaid” , which -to be honest- we are not sure if it reminds us of one! When our teachers happen to say "ball movement", Desiree often hears "bowel movement”; we think that's just dedication to her work! She is also in a close call competition with Lin for the longest legs, but we are still not sure if we will ever figure out who is winning!

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