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Merel Tebbens

AKA Mary Poppins 

Merel is in the group since 2017. Within Modern Bruises Merel jumps in wherever she can, with a special focus on our social Fridays to keep the party outside of the studio alive! 

Did You Know?
As a former dance student and a current biomedical science researcher, Merel combines the best of both worlds: arts and science. She’s always giving us new perspectives on dance, food and the world!

Fun Fact(s): 
If you’re looking for something, ANYTHING, chances are that Merel carries it with her. She thinks for all of us in every situation. She never misses an opportunity to dance and life feels like an open invitation when you are around her. Worst fun fact ever: unfortunately Merel manages to get at least one limb injured just before almost every performance! 

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