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Athina Liakopoulou

AKA The Mastermind

Which of course refers to the fact that she is the one and only founder of the group! The super-bruise, the one that brought us all together, and the one that arranges almost everything (although we are trying to teach her to delegate).

Did You know? 
Even though she has a educational background in psychology and has changed various career paths, Athina is now working as a producer for various dance related projects and for Cinedans festival. She also does dance therapy for children in her own company, memotion, which she co-owns with another bruise (Saskia). 

Fun Fact(s):
She is often, and not-so-secretly, referred to as THE Doodle Queen, since she is only the most organised event/task/rehearsal/training/performance planner in the world. She is the sparkle that ignited this group and our dance passion driven engine. She scouts for the best possibilities, the most interesting opportunities and coolest people for the group to work with. Athina gives the most heart-warming and-squeezing-the-life-out-of-you hugs, she makes the best company for walks and brainstorming sessions (as long as there is coffee).

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