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Meet the bruises

Would you like to know who the person behind the dancer is? Here you’ll find a short description and a fun fact that characterizes each “Bruise”. Would you recognize them outside of the dance studio?

 Esmee Lobley 

 Desiree Baaleman 

 Ania Skotniczna 

 Athina Liakopoulou 

 Eva-Luca Pouwer 

 Lara Mattheij

 Kristina Daurova 

 Fien Lute 

 McKenna Mahacek 

 Eefke Meerwijk 

 Lynn Meijer 

 Kleopatra Papapanagiotou 

 Merel Tebbens 

 Eva De Zeeuw 

Esmee Lobley

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