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Carmen Muskee

AKA Cloud Wonderer or Ice Queen

Carmen is in the group since 2018.

Did You Know?
When she is not dancing, Carmen is project officer at Mondriaan Fonds and a dance curator at We Are Public. Besides being a dancer, Carmen advises the group in multiple fields with her expertise in the cultural field. 

Fun Fact(s):
Carmen has the best poker face that exists and with her head in the clouds, she can be surprised by some of the developments in the group. In the cultural field, however, she is the Bruise that is most up to date and she can be found at every performance and art event in town. She has a surprising sense of humour and if you are lucky you will catch her sneaking a laughter here and there. We all want to be her but none of us can master her micro-expression control talent. 

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