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Fien Lute

AKA The pocket size bruise

Fien is in the group since 2017. Besides being a dancer, Fien is in our social media team. She is also our costume designer by hunting through the vintage stores of Amsterdam and making the best clothing matches that magically turn into costumes! Last but not least, she always takes care of our visual "image" to the world (aka this website!).


Did You Know?
When she finally stops moving, Fien is basically everywhere to be found in the cultural field. She is the PR and Marketing manager at Cinedans and an Arts and Culture Programme Assistant at the Nxt Museum. She is also the cofounder of studi0sc0pe, an art studio focused on spatial experience and ambience design. There and through her involvement in other projects she implements h
er passion is telling stories in unconventional ways through the combination of different disciplines. 

Fun Fact(s): 
Due to her small size, carrying Fien around has become one of our favourite things to do as a group. She is also famous for her campaign “Where Does Fien Fit?”…. and of course the answer to this is basically everywhere! She always looks like she is walking on a catwalk and can wear LITERALLY anything and make it look fashionable (we have proof)! 

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